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Men's Undershirts

Men's Undershirts
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    Men's Undershirts

    Men's Undershirts from Gap

    Essentially, undershirts, as the name suggests, are meant to be worn underneath men's clothing. They've been around for a long time now. Soldiers and officers of the military wore undershirts for protection and also for keeping a little warmer. Men in the military had to have a protective layer against their skin as they wore their military gear or their expensive clothing from looking soiled. Over the years, these undershirts have evolved and are considered essentials in men's wardrobe. The modern-day t-shirts for casual wear are inspired from undershirts.

    Undershirts for men are usually made of lightweight, breathable fabric that's absorbent and feels comfortable. The collection from Gap features undershirts made of 100% cotton or blend of cotton and spandex materials. Both of these fabrics are pre-washed for extra softness and feel great against the skin. They are also quite easy to maintain. You can choose from gray, white or black undershirts as per your requirement. Among the different styles, there are ribbed tanks or sleeveless undershirts, V-neck undershirts and even crew neck undershirts for men. While the tanks are strictly for innerwear, the V-necks and crew necks can be worn as lightweight layers under jackets or shirts. On warmer days, you may leave your shirts unbuttoned over these undershirts. For a rocker-chic look, wear a leather jacket over your undershirt and pair it with a pair of distressed jeans. When the weather gets cooler, these undershirts under your regular winter wear help with extra warmth and protective layer.