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Button Fly Jeans for Men

    Button Fly Jeans for Men

    Button Fly Jeans for Men from Gap

    When jeans were first made, they came with button flies. That's right! Button fly jeans are the classic style. Zippered jeans were invented decades later. Jeans fell under men's clothing meant for workwear, used by people who indulged in physical labor. Button fly jeans for men were a practical option, probably the only option then. Practical, because zipper jeans wouldn't stand the test - unzip easily, rusting of the metal. Jeans with zipper fly came in much later, a feature of fashion jeans and has stood the test of time.

    Of course, most men would vote for the zippers as their preferred choice, considering the convenience, the fit and the look that they offer; but button fly jeans have an ardent fan following, though not as much as for the other one. The most obvious factor that goes against this style is the convenience, but that is it. Buttoning up may take time, but with practice, it's quite possible to achieve finesse and speed. There's no fear of zip-slips and if a button comes off, it's easy to replace it with another, as opposed to a pair with broken zipper, which is difficult to repair. Moreover, as jeans fade, you'll see fabulous discoloration patterns at the button flies, thanks to the bulk they add. Jeans with button fly definitely come with certain advantages over those with zippered flies. What's more, they're the authentic style in jeans for men! That's the reason behind the fact that men's jeans with button flies are still being made and are still preferred by people across the globe. With the "going back to the roots" trend on, men's button fly jeans are here to stay.